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Invite others to worship with us

Beloved, In an effort for us all to participate in the evangelistic growth of our wonderful church family, I would ask that you consider asking your friends and family to connect with us on Sunday either directly via our Facebook page or through linkage to your page by you sharing your link and/or setting up your own watch party. Some of you have been doing this and God bless you for connecting with us and connecting others to us. Encourage others to like us on Facebook as well as we seek to continue to grow our ministry and outreach, in-person and virtually. We are a growing church and we all are a part of how God is blessing us and using us in this season. COVID-19 should not be the reas

First Sunday

Church Family, A blessed First Sunday is upon us. For those who can, we encourage you to come by the church to pick up your communion cups between the hours of 9am-2pm on Tuesday thru Friday. If not, please make preparations for Sunday morning at home with representative elements for the bread and the wine. Also, let us come to worship, either in person or virtually, with a desire to offer our own sacrifice of praise to God in the name of Jesus as guided by the Holy Spirit. Let us not approach communion with an attitude of routine and tradition. Let us come with minds, hearts, and spirits, as evidenced by what we say and do that, as we enter our sacred space and time, we only do so becau


Church Family, First Lady mailed in her mail-in ballot yesterday. I received mine in the mail today. Will likely be mailed out tomorrow. I am not going to just talk about it. I am going to be about it. Simply stated. No excuse. VOTE!!! Be blessed, Rev. Cain

Don't Miss Out

Beloved, As your pastor who is concerned more about your spiritual well-being than anything else in your life, your immortal soul, and your final destination, I am going to encourage you to stay connected to your church family. We just finished a powerful time of prayer with Noonday Prayer led by the Prayer Ministry. If you can connect and are not, know that we are still praying for you. How wonderful it would be if you would make the effort to connect with us. I can promise you that a time of connected prayer will only enrich your life and you will not be the poorer in any way for doing so. We have a faithful part of our church family as well as those from other churches who are connecti

Are you ready for your blessing?

Beloved, I am excited about this day. It has such great hope and opportunity planted within it if... If what? If I will receive it as a gift from God and use it as a gift that is not only received but also greatly appreciated. What do I mean? What I mean is that every day is full of choices and decisions, opinions and perspectives, outcomes and consequences. No one can avoid this truth about life; but, the power within it is the freedom that God gives us in knowing the truth. The truth is that nothing in your life, my life, or in the life of anyone else happens outside of the perfect or permissive will of God. And, what we, as Christians, should all know is that God greatly desires to bl

Prayer for reconciliation and peace

Church Family, Without getting into any specifics, I want to ask everyone on this email and, do please share it broadly, to prayer for church-wide reconciliation and peace. It may be in your house or in the house of others who you may know. There may not be anyone who specifically comes to mind; but, I am asking you to take a moment, lift up known names and situations, and those unknown to you. Do so in a belief that God will hear and God will answer. As your pastor, please do this in conviction and belief that God always knows the best way forward. In faith, let us, individually and collectively, pray to God for reconciliation and peace. Be blessed, Rev. Cain

God Will Provide

Beloved, We have on this Wednesday a day that marks the beginning of the second half of the month of September. And, for some of us, what a month it has been. We have been bombarded by the ramping up of political rhetoric that is only going to get worse. We have seen storms and natural disasters showing up on our coasts in the forms of hurricanes, floods, and forest fires. We have seen COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise albeit at a decelerating pace. That is the stuff that we watch on television, hear on the radio and come across when surfing the internet. That is the stuff that we like to talk about in our did you see, did you hear moments. Beloved, God will provide solutions

God Really Loves You

Beloved, As I woke up this morning, it was dark outside. Actually, it still is not quite daylight. But, as I looked outside, I felt a gladness in my heart. The gladness came from knowing that before my foot hit the ground, before I started on my way, and before the sun had risen in the sky, Jesus, the Son of God, is forever risen. And, because He is forever risen, I know that I am forever loved. Now, it is good on a good day to know that I am forever loved by the God who has given me life and life eternal. That is good. BUT, keeping it real, it is really good to know that I am forever loved on my bad days, my really bad days. And, when I mean my really bad days, I am mean the days, not

A Love Letter From God

Beloved, Here we are on another wonderful Wednesday, a day full of hope and expectation because we are in God and God is in us. While we can imagine limitations that may hold us back, we should also have aspirations supported by inspiration of the Holy Spirit due to the fact that God is for us. In God being for us, I pray that we will strive to live lives confirming our love for Him and our relationship with Him. That confirmation of love is not unlike the love letters we used to write, or maybe still write, to those who we love. Come on now, I bet that some of you have turned strawberry red just thinking about something that you wrote or something that you read from your loved one, lette

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