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Being A Blessing And Being Blessed

Beloved Zion Memorial Church Family, Whew! What a week we had last week. From Sunday to Sunday, we were together with worship service, Vacation Bible School, the annual Church Cookout, and worship service to begin a new week. And, I enjoyed every single moment of it. I truly believe that for those who came and gathered with us, we were blessed. And, for most of us who participated in some way, part of our blessing came in being a blessing. Many of us know the oft used phrase, "We are blessed to be a blessing." When we say it, we may think that the sole purpose of us being blessed is so that we can bless someone else; but, I pray we will understand the continuity of the relationship of

God's Glory In Your Gift

Beloved, I have been so overwhelmed by our gatherings this week in Vacation Bible School. We have had wonderful participation and support with teachers and students coming together to learn more about the Lord as we journey through our topic, "World Changers". Some of you have been missing and I pray that your absence has been worth it because we have truly been blessed in coming together. And, we miss you when you are not with us. We will always be better and stronger together. And, as we learned last night, part of our coming together is in the sharing of our gifts, God-given gifts. The Great Commission, the sharing of the Gospel throughout the world, does not come simply by teaching a

The Power Of Your Testimony

Beloved, Here we are at the middle of another week. I hope and pray that it is going well for you. I had a blessed start to the week with a feast of a meal and a productive meeting with our dearly loved and respected seniors and elders in the Senior Ministry. I thank God for all within our church family, from the youngest to the oldest. So many are finding ways to be engaged and involved for the cau se of Christ. Do you know that your engagement and involvement in service and ministry is a key part of how the body of Christ grows? In general health, exercise is important with a key emphasis on movement. Many of us have heard the phrase, "If you don't use it, you will lose it." I have fo

Looks Like I Can Judge You...And Should

Beloved, I hope and pray my message finds you doing well, feeling blessed, and continuously experiencing the love of God through Jesus Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit. We have a wonderful church family and a loving spirit about us that others frequently comment about as something unique and different about Zion Memorial. Thank you for being who God desires for you to be...and I fortunately include myself in the you. We are an imperfect people seeking and serving a perfect God as we strive for perfection, sometimes doing a little better and sometimes doing a little worse. It is in the latter that we struggle. When we fall short, when we fail, when we stumble, shame can cause us to some

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