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Hope in the midst of darkness

Beloved Church Family, I missed you on Sunday and, due to the weather, it appears that some missed coming together as a church family. Irregardless of the storms, we are a church family and I am prayerful that all who can will be with us on this upcoming Sunday that some call Easter Sunday and others call Resurrection Sunday. In Easter Sunday, we have the hope of the dawning of a new season, Spring, coming out of the cold and sometimes dreary season of Winter. It is how the earth awakens to a time of birth in the plant and animal kingdoms. In Resurrection Sunday, we also have the hope of the dawning of a new season, Salvation and Reconciliation, coming out of the fruitless and sometimes da

Happy Palm Sunday - He’s Coming Back

Beloved Zion Memorial Church Family, I was up early this morning and literally saw the breaking of a new day. It made me think of Jesus on Palm Sunday as well as our upcoming Resurrection Sunday and the day when He will return forevermore. It reminded me that regardless of the storms in life that we may see and how dark the night may be, He is always coming for us. These pictures, step by step, show light coming out of darkness. I pray that as you live your daily lives that may seem repetitive, humdrum, and, sometimes, without clarity or direction, and, other times, filled with calamity or despair, I pray that you will know that He, the light in the midst of spiritual, emotional, mental, p

He Did It Before! He Will Do It Again!

Zion Memorial Church Family, I understand it is snowing back in Winston while it is near 70 degrees here in Texas. I will be returning this evening, Lord willing, and have read that it should be clear by the time I return. We get a little nervous and sometimes frantic when the forecast is for snow; but, how often have we seen the storms of life raging and God somehow seems to find a way to deliver us through it all? If you can read this email, you should know that my words are true. We all have faced trials and tribulations in life, probably too many to recall them all. The blessing comes in not remembering all of the challenges; but, it comes in remembering that the God who brought you th

What a friend we have in Jesus

Church Family, It is H.O.P.E. (Hour Of Power and Encouragement) Wednesday and I am excited because in a few hours, I will have the opportunity to gather with all of you who choose to come and gather together. In our coming together, we will find greater relationship, kinship, and friendship. As it is said, "Birds of a feather flock together." We are a flock and we should be together. In what we find in coming together, relationship, kinship, and friendship, the foundation is all found in our friendship with Jesus. We sing in the gospel hymn, "What a friend we have in Jesus. All our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer." Beloved, while the privileg

If You Heard God, What Would You Do?

Beloved, I pray that my email finds you knowing that you are blessed because you are blessed. If you have received Jesus the Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are already blessed beyond what you deserve. I know that I am and I pray that you do as well. In being blessed by God, we have the unique opportunity to hear from God. It is a privilege. It is also a responsibility. A good sermon preached and a good lesson taught are ways to hear from God. Sometimes God can speak to us in the midst of our daily routines; but, let us never try to water down the expectation that scripture has given us to assemble together by saying God can speak to me anywhere and anytime. That is true; but, we,

Is it of God? If so, hold on and hold out.

Beloved, We have had a full time at Zion Memorial over the course of the last couple of weeks. We had a phenomenal trip down to Haymount Presbyterian two Sundays ago with a spirited worship service. We had a joyous Youth Summit this past weekend with bowling on Friday, informative speakers on Saturday and a great speaker on Sunday. Topping it off, we had someone, Imani Pressley, give their life to Christ on Sunday. Hallelujah!!! Also, on Saturday, we celebrated the wedding of our own Quinton and Jillian Benson. On Monday, we celebrated the homegoing services our Rev. Joel Bailey's father and Sister Valerie Bailey's father-in-law, Beaufort Bailey. On the same Monday, we celebrated God deli

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