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God Is Still Good

Now, when we look for the good amidst so much that is going on, it is easy to be distracted by what we see, what we hear, and what we experience. We see the challenges that continue to exist in the world; but, challenges existed before COVID-19. If God was good before COVID-19, is God still good now? We hear about the racism being enacted against the most vulnerable in our society; but, racism has existed for a long time and we have had to fight for every ounce of dignity and advancement that we have made. Nobody has given us anything. If God was good when we were trying to overcome racism in the past, is God still good now? We are experiencing breaches of mental, emotional, and spiritual

Do You Have Another?

We are experiencing novelty on many fronts. In our health, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is still without a solution although we know how to counteract the spread with masking and social distancing. In our wealth, the stock market is knocking at the door of all-time highs while unemployment is still quite high and stimulus to help some make it day to day is still needed. In our relationships, we have advanced to having our second African-American female (Charlotta Bass was the first on the Progressive Party ticket in 1952.) vice presidential candidate in the United States in Kamala Harris and the celebratory moment will be swept up in divisive racial, ethnic, and gender rhetoric. All t

Absentee Voting Ballots

I remind and ask that when you come, please adhere to the masking and social distancing requirements that have been given. The church leaders have worked diligently to prepare a safe and healthy worship experience and we do not want anything to happen that might cause us to have to backtrack on the progress God has allowed for Zion to achieve in this season of COVID-19. Make it easy on all of us to protect all of us. Because of this season, voting is becoming a hot topic in terms of in-person or mail-in. As we had discussed previously on a church conference call (which occur on Mondays at 1pm), I want you to be knowledgeable and aware so that you can make the right decision...according to

A Place At His Table

We know that we have to do two things in this life. We have to live and we have to die. Some would add, as a joke, that you also have to pay taxes. But, in reality, the in-between is up to God and us. And, how we make decisions about what we do between the time that we are given life and the time that it ends is incredibly important. Jesus wanted us to know that being a Christian has a benefit that you will not see on this side of glory; but, it is a real benefit, a real blessing, that you will receive on the other side of glory. Call it a reservation, a place at a table in the most exclusive of restaurants that you could ever imagine. You see, beloved, Jesus wants you to be where He is,

Is God In All You Do?

The scripture tells us that our trials and tribulations come to make us stronger which would naturally seem to imply that there is some level of overt or covert weakness in us that God is trying to reveal so that it can be dealt with in a way that He will get the praise, the honor and the glory. For, the strength that God is desiring to impart to you is not for you to be stronger apart from God. NO! God is wanting you to be stronger by depending on Him more and more in the name of Jesus as guided by the Holy Spirit. So, if God desires to make you stronger and, to do so, you must go through trials and tribulations, are you getting stronger by making sure that God is in all you do? You see,

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