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Don't Get In The Way Of Your Own Blessing

Beloved, It is Wednesday, HOPE Wednesday, the day that we set aside for an Hour Of Power and Encouragement. So much is going on in our lives, individually and collectively, that I pray that you will find the joy in coming together. In our coming together, we learn how to be blessed as well as how to be a blessing. Both worthwhile and both necessary as we seek to work out our soul salvation. Speaking of blessings, do we not love when God blesses us? Would you purpose to do anything to get in the way of your blessings? But, do you get in the way of your own blessings? It happens all the time when we get out of the will of God. King Solomon, the wisest man to have ever lived, was warned by Go

Prayers for the Royal Family

Church Family, I pray that you receive this message knowing, believing and feeling the blessed presence of God in your life. I am sending this note to let you know that Ruby Royal passed this morning. For those of us who knew her, may our memories be pleasant. For those who did not, share in the knowledge of another mother, sister and daughter of Zion who has gone on to glory. Be in prayer for the family. As we learn more about arrangements, we will make the church family aware. Be blessed, Rev. Cain

If You Can't Do It, God Can

Beloved, How wonderful it was to have so many of you show up at New Bethel on Sunday. It truly blessed me to know that I have a church family that will move together in love and support of me and each other. I pray that it was a good time in the Lord for all of you. Whenever I approach a situation like asking you to go out with me, I pray about it. I will admit it. I am jealous over you. You are my church family and I love you. I think it is a part of my God DNA, that part of me that is like God for God says that He is a jealous God and will have no other gods before Him. Zion, you are my church family and I will have no other church families before you. So, when I go out to represent

Friday and Sunday Church Activities

Church Family, I wanted to remind you of the upcoming activities for the church. Tomorrow, we have the homegoing services for Mother/Sister Vivian Webber which will be held at Zion Memorial. Family visitation is at 11am. The funeral service is at noon. On Sunday, we will be worshipping at New Bethel Baptist Church located at 1016 North Trade Street. For those who would like to attend, Sunday School is at 9:30am. The worship service begins at 10:45am. Van transportation will be provided. The phone service is still down and I will not be able to use the phone tree until that is fixed. So, please share this information widely. I hope and pray to see many of you soon. Be blessed, Rev. Cain

Is It About You Or God?

Beloved, I am looking forward to seeing you over the balance of this week. We have HOPE Wednesday this evening. We have the homegoing services for Sister Vivian Webber on Friday at Zion Memorial with family visitation at 11am and the funeral service at noon. And, on Sunday morning, we will worship with New Bethel Baptist Church for the pastoral anniversary of Reverend Dr. Kendall Jones. Yes, we have a busy schedule; but, we also have a blessed schedule. In all of these activities, I am seeking the wisdom and guidance of God. In my own education, experience, and exposure, I could attempt to rely on myself in doing the things of God...or I could do something else. I could rely on God. Whe

What your faith can do

Beloved, God blessed us richly with Family, Friends, and Community Weekend. So many played critical parts in helping something wonderful come to pass. As your strength and energy are restored, please be thankful for the opportunity to share your gifts. What we did this weekend was a matter of faith. We reached out beyond our normal activities, our traditions, our routines, and God met us there. Scripture tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Scripture also tells us that with faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. What can your faith do? Hebrews 11:33-34 gives a glimpse, "who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, obtained promises,

Friends, Family and Community Day 2018

Church Family, I wanted to share this video of what was happening on Saturday. We were blessed and were prayerfully a blessing to others. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your gifts and talents with Zion in putting this together. Be blessed, Rev. Cain

Let your voice be heard

Church Family, Have the following announcement from Kim and April Spears: Hi Church Family, ZMMBC has been named "Church of the Week" by Anita "Boss Lady" Dean-Arnette of The Light 1340AM - 103.5 FM and Grnsb 1400 AM 96.3FM or LightTheTriad.com Tune in this week from 12-3pm and call in to 336-896-1340 to show support. Let us show our appreciation for the recognition and love for Zion Memorial by calling in if we can. And, remember, God loves you and I love you too! Be blessed, Rev. Cain

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