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The Crowd - Right Or Wrong

Beloved, Sunday was a joyful time to be in the House of the Lord. It was a time of bittersweet transition along with the ushering in of a new season with the music ministry. We had many visitors, some previous and some first time. We had some previous members return after long absences. The Spirit was high and God truly blessed. It was a good time to be with the Zion Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Family. As I looked out over the congregation and thought about the wonderful people that we have as a part of our church family, I wanted to see the forest, the collective, but I could not help but also see the trees, the individuals. You see, the individuals make up the collective and th

Fwd: City-Wide Tutorial

Church Family, I attended an event at Union Baptist related to improving the educational outcomes for our youth. As a result, a city-wide tutorial effort in conjunction with the churches is being planned. While Zion is undertaking our own efforts, this is an opportunity to partner with others for the betterment of more of Winston-Salem’s children, particularly those in underperforming schools. I have reached out to some within Zion to no avail and am therefore seeing if there is interest more broadly. See the attachment and let me know if you are interested in this very noble effort. Do remember, we are a part of the whole Body of Christ, not just Zion Memorial. If you can help, I encourage

Live Right(eously)

Beloved, As I type this message to you, I am thinking a little about people who God has allowed me to meet and interact with throughout my life. Some of those interactions have been pure blessings because I have enjoyed being in relationship with some and others have been mixed blessings because I have found that some people can be hard to interact with no matter how well you might treat them and try to love them, let alone like them. I would imagine that as you read those words, some of you said, "Amen." But, I have also found that those mixed blessing interactions in my life have proven to be incredibly beneficial in building up my faith muscles and my love muscles which are so incredibly

Never Be Afraid To Fail

Beloved, It is another wonderful Wednesday, a day that we call HOPE Wednesday when at 6:30pm, Zion Memorial gathers for the Hour Of Power and Encouragement. I do not know about you; but, I sometimes need some more of God's power and encouragement from God and God's people. Why? Because life gets hard sometimes and the hardest part can be when I try my best and fail. Failure, not succeeding, is a part of life; but, some people are afraid of that part of life. As a result, some people will never try to live their best life because they are afraid of failing along the way. I have learned to not be afraid of failure. When I tried out for the school basketball team in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade an

IRISE Academy Parent meeting

Dr. Kim Pemberton of WSSU will be at Zion Memorial on Thursday at 6pm for the rescheduled parent meeting associated with the IRISE Academy tutorial program. As a reminder, it is for students in K-5th grade. Thank God for this opportunity and come support this initiative at Zion Memorial. Be blessed, Rev. Cain

Be Bold

My Zion Memorial Church Family, What a wonderful start we have had to 2020. It was such a blessing to have great attendance at church conference to share how God has blessed us over the past year and see the ways in which we are purposing to continue our blessings into 2020. 2019 was not easy but it was a blessing. I prophetically decree that 2020 will also be a blessing...even if it is not easy. As I spoke at Watch Night At Noon worship service to end 2019, I hope and pray that we will see ourselves as Zealous Mighty Marvelous Bold and Courageous, ZMMBC, Zion Memorial Missionary Baptist Church. One of those words is where I believe it is necessary to focus our attention, Bold. One defin

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