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Church Family News - Drive-By on July 11th and Reopening on July 12th

Church Family News - Drive-By on July 11th and Reopening on July 12th - journeychristians@gmail.com - Gmail I wanted to let you know that I will not be able to conduct the church conference call tomorrow at 1pm as I have a conflict. I will, as I am sure you will, miss our connecting; but, I do look forward to our connecting for Noonday Prayer on Wednesday. We have been blessed to have been able to connect, uninterrupted for so long, and I do want you to know that we should be back on schedule next Monday at 1pm. Please share this information with those who have been connecting with us but may not always check their emails in a timely fashion. Now, to the really big news, after talking with

There Will Be Days Like This

Beloved, First, I hope and pray my message finds you well during this time. God is still watching over us as we deal with the birthing of a new season of life in the transitions related to COVID-19, continuous challenges in the global economy, protests against the sins of discrimination in their many forms, in particular against women and people of color, and black people, specifically. These days give us reason to know the truth in the phrase, "There is always something to pray for" and the freedom found in Luke 18:1, "men ought to always pray, and not to faint". These days are unlike any days that we have seen; but, these days are not a mystery to God. Brothers and sisters in Christ, pe

COVID-19 Testing

Church family, In an effort to help keep us all safe during this time, I wanted to share the attachment regarding COVID-19 testing. I am praying we will all continue to be safe, healthy and wise. Be blessed, Rev. Cain

You Need To Act Like You Know The Lord

My Dear Zion Memorial Church Family, As I type out these words, I am looking outside and thanking God for the gloomy skies that are full of the possibility of rain, as evidenced by what we have received over the last couple of days. You see in the rain, rain that might disrupt your plans to be out and about, we also have that woefully needed water for our lawns, crops, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. The inconvenience makes our lives possible. For, without the rain, we would die. Basically, God knows what God is doing. I do not have to recount all of the challenging disruptions, issues, situations and circumstances that plague us well beyond the rain. The media will give you a buffet o

Sister Lula West Homegoing Services

Beloved, We will celebrate the homegoing of Sister Lula West in the following ways: 1. There will be a viewing tomorrow at Douthit Funeral Home located at 515 Specialty Park Drive from 2pm-5pm. 2. There will be a viewing prior to the homegoing service at Zion Memorial at approximately 11:30am on Thursday morning. Do note that you will not be able to engage physically with the family at that time to maintain social distancing. Also, you will need to wear a mask. 3. The homegoing service will begin at Noon on Thursday at Zion Memorial and there will be limited seating in the sanctuary as we maintain our social distancing. Also, you will need to wear a mask. 4. The homegoing service will be

Congratulations to Kenya Gregory for an outstanding school year

Beloved, Although we are not able to see each other right now as we have taken for granted that we could do in the past, all of us are pressing our way forward, day by day. I hope and pray you are seeing and getting the victory in your daily living. God is still blessing. Part of God’s blessing comes in us being able to celebrate our children, our blessed children who God has given us in Zion. So many are doing so well and it just makes my heart glad. Kenya Gregory, daughter of Jasmine Smith, had an excellent year in school with recognition for perfect attendance, good behavior, improvement in reading (shout out to the IRISE Academy held at Zion) and then she was selected for the President


My Zion Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Family, How I so wanted to be with you in the sanctuary on this past Sunday, the first Sunday of June, our target date for reopening; but, God had a different plan. So, as we are supposed to do, after consulting with different people, I obeyed and followed the direction that I believe God was leading by the presence and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It was not what I initially wanted to do; but, I love you too much to put you at undo risk simply because I also love you so much that I want to see all of you again. Sometimes, love can take many different forms. Sometimes, love makes us do things that we would not ordinarily do. Sometimes, love m

First Summer Mini Lesson - This Wednesday at 6:30pm - "The Blessing Of Dealing With Difficult P

Beloved, As shared previously, the first summer mini lesson will be the Wednesday at 6:30pm. You should use the same connection method as we had for HOPE Wednesday via ZOOM. For the videoconference, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/537763787. For teleconference, the phone number will be 301-715-8592 with meeting ID 537-763-787. The topic is "The Blessing Of Dealing With Difficult People". I have attached the document we will use for Wednesday evening. Please let me know if you have any questions and do please invite others to connect with us. Be blessed, Reverend Cain

Delayed Church Reopening

Church Family, After conversation with some of our church leaders and prayerful consideration of the environment that persists with COVID-19, I have, being led by the Holy Spirit, made the decision to delay the reopening of the church to worship services. God has blessed us to be able to continue to wors hip and gather virtually in a successful way and we will continue to do so. My love, care and concern for you, your health, and the health of those who you love and care for surpasses my desire to meet with you physically although my heart aches to not be able to do so. In time, God will make a way for us to do so. Until that time, we will have to trust in His provision. With First Sunday

Your Part In God's Plan

Beloved, As I type out these letters into prayerfully Spirit-filled words, my hope is that as you always receive them, you will read them and see what God is trying to say to you through me. We are living in the most interesting of times, unique but similar. Similar because the Holy Scripture tells us that there will be wars and rumors of wars. We are constantly in some form of battle. Individually, if we are completely honest with ourselves, there is some battle raging in our physical life, in our temples of God that we call bodies. There is some battle in our thought life, in our mental faculties that we call minds. There is some battle in our emotional life, in our places where we or

Church Conference Call De-Briefing

Church Family, Yesterday was a wonderful day of connection for the Zion Memorial church family. At our scheduled 1pm church conference call, we had a spirited and moving conversation regarding what has been happening in our nation, state and city regarding the protests associated with the slaying of George Floyd. Our elders recounted the challenges of the Civil Rights Movement and others shared opinions and perspectives on what is happening. We all agreed that prayer, seeking the wisdom and counsel of God, is needed by all coupled with action that will lead to positive progress. The church has a key role in the way forward as the church had a key role in the Civil Rights Movement. God h

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