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Congratulations to Kenya Gregory for an outstanding school year


Although we are not able to see each other right now as we have taken for granted that we could do in the past, all of us are pressing our way forward, day by day.

I hope and pray you are seeing and getting the victory in your daily living. God is still blessing.

Part of God’s blessing comes in us being able to celebrate our children, our blessed children who God has given us in Zion. So many are doing so well and it just makes my heart glad.

Kenya Gregory, daughter of Jasmine Smith, had an excellent year in school with recognition for perfect attendance, good behavior, improvement in reading (shout out to the IRISE Academy held at Zion) and then she was selected for the President’s Education Award.

Congratulations to Kenya, her mother, her family, Zion Memorial and God for allowing us to witness her progress!

Keep on striving. Keep on believing. Keep on achieving.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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