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Faith For You And Somebody Else

I am typing this message to you while I am in Stamford, CT where it is 19 degrees outside and the expected high is supposed to be 33-34 degrees. I understand that the weather is similar back in Winston-Salem. Now, as I have said from the pulpit, "We need more postal Christians." By that, I mean that we need to be willing to press our way for the things of God just as we do for the things in the world. I am so proud of how you have pressed your way on many of a frigid Sunday to gather with the church family when others may have chosen to stay at home. I can understand the decision although I do not agree with staying away from the church family. We need to be faithful and being faithful is

God Called Who?

Beloved, I am so excited about what God is doing in our growing church, Zion Memorial. I pray that you are proud, in a good way, of your church family and regularly share with others about how God is blessing us with new ways to continue His working ministry. The Food Pantry and the Clothing Closet having gotten off to a wonderful start. Please talk to someone associated with it to learn more. The Leadership Conference is coming up on Friday and Saturday. And, who are the leaders who should attend? The WHOLE church family. We are all leaders. In being leaders, we need to make sure that we are followers of Jesus the Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit, as was preached about on Sunday, at

Turning the world upside down...for Jesus

Church Family, First, I want to pray that all of you will have a safe, happy, and joyous Thanksgiving with the warmth and presence of family and friends, those who love you. Know that I do love you too. The love that we share generously with each other should emanate from a love that we have from and for God because of what God did in sending Jesus into our lives to save us. And, our love is continuous by the abiding presence of the promised and delivered Holy Spirit into the lives of each believer. It is not a natural relationship by any stretch of the imagination. It is supernatural. And, when the supernatural interacts with the natural, we should not be surprised that things, people, a

Our Unity is Christ’s Glory

Beloved, Yesterday, I was at the church building, as we know that the church is the people and not the building, and it was a beehive of activity. Brother Carter was cleaning things up. Members were setting things up for the Food Pantry and Clothing Closet. I had a chance to work with Jillian, the Church Secretary, on the website, and it is really nice. I also had a chance to discuss some other improvements at the church with Sister Perry. A lot was happening for a Tuesday at Zion Memorial. As I reflected back on all that was happening, my joy increased as I saw evidence of the growing unity we are experiencing in our church family. If you are not involved, you are missing out, not on

God Has Given You Something Better

StartFragmentBeloved, First, I offer you a word of apology for not sending out the Wednesday Word as I have done consistently for a couple of years now. I had to attend and participate in the homegoing services for a family member in Fayetteville and left yesterday morning. It is not my habit to be deficient in living up to my commitments. I made a commitment to you and I am a day late in fulfilling it. So, I apologize. I pray that the words penned to you have not become too familiar and common that you do not still derive value from them. I want to use these midweek messages to keep you encouraged, inspired, and engaged with the word of God that is still “a lamp unto our feet and a lig

Happy New Year!!!

StartFragmentChurch Family, If you are reading this email, it means that God has blessed you to see 2018. Hallelujah!!! It also means that all of the thoughts in your mind, dreams in your heart and hope in your spirit can be validated and realized by God working in your life throughout this year. I am excited for you in what is possible as we seek and serve our wonderful God because of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, as guided by the Holy Spirit. Embrace the New Year with faith, hope, and love. Give no place to the devil and his wicked ways in your spirit, heart, mind or body. Instead, yield it all to God and let Him bring you to victory to victory to victory, all for His glory. I

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