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Because He Is, You Are

Beloved, We have nearly completed the first month of the new year of 2020. Wow!!! Is it just me or does it seem like time is speeding up? But, perhaps as is said, "Time flies when you are having fun." While all that we are going through is not fun, I hope and pray that you are experiencing joy. Sometimes, problems in life can seem overwhelming and I do emphasize SEEM because we know that we are of Christ and Christ has overcome the world. So, what may seem overwhelming is not truly overwhelming if you are a child of God. We must trust in Him and Him alone to see us through all that comes to us or even against us. And, we know that He will provide for every need that we have. If we hav

When Jesus Came Into My Heart

Beloved, We are approaching the last Sunday in January. One month is nearly gone. Eleven are in front of us. I hope and pray that you are experiencing God's 2020 blessings in your life. And, I hope and pray that you continue to experience God anew as He refreshes, restores, and revives you again and again into the new life that we are promised if we will trust, believe, and obey Him. It is sometimes hard to live out the Christian life; but, if you have given your life to God through Jesus Christ, that is the life that you are supposed to be living. And, the hardest part about living out the Christian life is that some know who you used to be. We all probably have some regrets in how we l

Who Are You Leading And Where Are They Going?

Beloved, We have had a wonderful start to the new year. God has blessed us each Sunday with someone choosing to become a part of the church family. I hope and pray that you will embrace them, love them, and encourage them. As sure as God, the saints and the angels in Heaven were rejoicing, Satan and the demons in Hell were plotting on how they can snatch those who have come away from us. To hold on to those who God sends and to inspire others to come requires leadership. As I have tried to draw a distinction between leadership and headship, leadership shows people the way and helps them to go the way recognizing that every individual makes their own decision. Headship implies others wil

Be Christian Wherever You Go

Beloved, I must ask for your forgiveness as this Wednesday Word is being received on a Thursday. Simply put, getting myself and my family back on the regular schedule at the beginning of the year caused me to miss out on doing something I committed to doing years ago. And, I am truly sorry. Being able to ask for forgiveness is something that I have learned to do on the regular as a child of God. I know God forgives me when I mess up and I hope and pray you will forgive my transgression of omission that I will attempt to make up for now. Being Christian does not mean being perfect. It does mean that we are ambassadors, representatives, of the perfect one, Jesus the Christ. As the church,

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