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This Sunday is NFL Jersey Sunday.


As I have often said, “If you laugh and smile more than you cry and frown, you will be ahead of most people in this world.” The joy that leads to you laughing and smiling more than you cry and frown comes from the Lord.

Many of you will look forward to joy in many things with one of those things being football, NFL football to be exact.

It is football season and some of you have been waiting since the Super Bowl’s end to get back to watching it again.

This Sunday is the beginning of Sunday NFL football and I want you to enjoy your football…after you have experienced the joy of the Lord.

So, on this Sunday, as we gather, I am encouraging you to wear a jersey or other gear representing your favorite team or player. If you do not have a jersey, just wear the team colors.

Let us gather and enjoy being with each other as we worship God in spirit and in truth…and then you can go watch your football as worship service will end close to noon before kickoff of the 1pm games.

God first. Football second. Decent and in order.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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