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Faith is supposed to...

Beloved, I am prayerful for and over all of you. The world can be a difficult place to navigate sometimes. We have challenges in our health as evidenced by those who we know who are in the hospital, in rehabilitation centers, on bed rest at home, in hospice, or those who we have to say goodbye to as they transition from one side of glory to the next. We have challenges in our wealth with jobs that can sometimes seem good but not good enough with pay that is pay but not quite enough and the creeping anxiety of a retirement that may not be funded completely enough. And, we have challenges in our relationships that can make the storm clouds full of thunder and lightning in the sky seem like

What Should You Do With Worry?

Beloved, Today, I had to get up early this morning to get my son, Preston, to school for a trip that his class is taking to Charleston, SC. Getting up early was not too much of a challenge. I am typically an early riser, first one up in the family on most days. Having to send my son off into the unknown without me is a different matter. Having 5 children, my wife and I have gone through successive rights of passage where our children have taken on more responsibility in seeking out opportunity that we believe will prepare them for their future lives; but, in the process, we have to let go a little more, bit by bit. And, because we love them dearly, letting go can be hard to do. So, somet

Godly Wisdom

Beloved, As I type out this message to you, the sun has not risen and I can hear the rain drops on the roof of the house. I dare not complain. We need the rain and God is giving us what we need. So, I thank God for the rain that He has sent. Is it not wise to be thankful for all that God has done, is doing, and will do in our lives? And, if we are to help others to grow in Christ, is it not wise to encourage them to do the same? The world's wisdom tends to shine light on individuals and individual achievement. God's wisdom always points, in some way, back to Him because we know that He is the source of true wisdom. Do you have Godly wisdom? Do you pursue Godly wisdom? Can you recogniz

Do You Trust In God?

Beloved, First, I want to thank Zion Memorial so much for accompanying me to Fairburn, GA to celebrate my former pastor's, Reverend Robert Stanley, 35th Pastoral Anniversary. The whole weekend was a joy and I am so thankful that all made it safely to GA and back home. Opportunities like this to spend time together will make us closer and stronger as a church family. Now, everything did not go without a hitch. The bus had some air conditioning challenges. In my flight to GA, some of my bags did not arrive on time and we had a major challenge with receiving some food that we ordered such that we did not eat until close to or after midnight on Friday. Now, if it sounds like I am complaining

You May Be All The Bible Some Will See

Beloved, We have entered into the last quarter of the year. Soon, we will be celebrating Fall Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the New Year. Each of these holidays or Holy Days, if we choose to appropriate them for God from the world, gives us an opportunity to show who we are and whose we are. With that in mind, it might be wise to consider who we are and whose we are. We are supposed to be God's children, adopted into His family by our belief in Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior, sealed with the promise of life everlasting by the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling and working inside of us. We can sing, "I know I've been changed. The angels in heaven done signed my name.

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