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Are You Walking In The Spirit?

Beloved, I missed you on Sunday and look forward to seeing you this upcoming Sunday. As a reminder, we do not have HOPE Wednesday this Wednesday but will continue on journey on prayer next Wednesday. I will have materials to pass out after church on Sunday. Please come by, get a book and a schedule. As I mentioned, I believe this may be one of our most impactful studies. Again, I encourage you to come and invite someone to come with you. As we look at studying and journeying through the Bible, as church family, as part of the universal church, one thing binds us together as Christians, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as evidence of our faith in God through Jesus the Christ. People sho

The ACTS prayer model

My Blessed ZMMBC Church Family, I hope and pray my email finds you well and getting better day by day. It was so wonderful to see so many of you on Wednesday evening as we have embarked on a journey to strengthen our relationship with God and each other through prayer. I believe this study will open eyes, calm hearts, and strengthen faith. We are just beginning and will come together again Wednesday after next to start in earnest. If you did not make it, that is okay. Clear your calendar going forward as we seek to help each other change our lives, individually and collectively, for the better by building our relationship with God through prayer. This study is not a want. For all, it should

God’s Protects, Saves and Heals

Beloved, God watched over Reverend Bailey in his car accident and he has left the hospital headed home. Praise God! Please keep him and the family lifted up in his healing and recovery as well as others in the church body who are going through. And, remember, God loves you and I love you too! Be blessed, Rev. Cain

What A Friend We Have In Jesus!!!

Church Family, It is Wednesday, HOPE Wednesday, and the first day of Spring. We think of Spring as the time when the earth wakes up from a long Winter nap. Grass turns green. Flowers bloom. Trees and shrubs bud. All things become new. Beloved, in Christ, we are also made new and we too are supposed to wake up daily with an excitement about us, an expectation of hope surrounding us, and the love of Christ living in us. That love of Christ, a love received and a love shared, is what makes us distinct and unique in this world. For some, they pick and choose who and how they love. Jesus put it another way. In John 15:12-14, Jesus said, "This is my commandment, that you love one another as

God's Healing Abounds

Beloved, I hope and pray that my email finds you well. I wanted to update you on a couple of things that have been happening within the church family. As many of you know, Sister April Spears had to go into the hospital. She has been released and will be resting and recovering at home for a few days. Please continue to lift her and the Spears family up in prayer. Also, as of today, I am officially off of my crutches, ahead of schedule, thanks be to God, and am walking on my own with a little help from a cane, if needed. I do not share this information to neglect anyone else who may be going through. I share this information to encourage all that no matter what you are going through, keep

Have You Started Living Your Amazing Life?

Beloved, We are almost through our first week of daylight savings time and I know it has been an adjustment for some. Our bodies are used to getting up later and going to bed earlier; but, adjust we must. And, in the process, let us thank God for giving us more light to live our lives. In terms of living our lives, how are you living? Are you doing okay or are you doing great? Are you getting by or are you getting ahead? Are you just living or are you living an amazing life? When I think about our Christian walk, as children of the most High God adopted into His family by the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, as guided by the Holy Spirit who dwells inside of our bodies that a

So, You Want To Be Great? So, You Want To Be First?

Beloved, We began, journeyed through, and ended Black History Month with time set aside to recognize those who had done notable things - inside and outside of the Zion Memorial Church Family. And, we heard many stories of inspiration. Thank God for those who have done well. We need to be careful in how we use our positions of notoriety and honor. Some use such positions to shine light on themselves that divide. But, some do otherwise and use their positions to build bridges, bring people together, help others out. Jesus had a word for His disciples about just that. In Mark 10:42-45, Jesus said, "You know that among the Gentiles those whom they recognize as their rulers lord it over them,

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