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God's Healing Abounds


I hope and pray that my email finds you well. I wanted to update you on a couple of things that have been happening within the church family.

As many of you know, Sister April Spears had to go into the hospital. She has been released and will be resting and recovering at home for a few days. Please continue to lift her and the Spears family up in prayer.

Also, as of today, I am officially off of my crutches, ahead of schedule, thanks be to God, and am walking on my own with a little help from a cane, if needed.

I do not share this information to neglect anyone else who may be going through. I share this information to encourage all that no matter what you are going through, keep trusting in God to bring you through.

As a church family, may our prayers be fervent, effectual, powerful, affirming, and liberating so that the blessings of God will turn all of our tests into testimonies.

As you learn of any brother or sister in the family who is going through, please be quick to pray for God's healing that is available to all of us according to His blessed will.

Lord willing, I will send out the Wednesday word in the morning; but, I wanted to share today's blessings today.

Do please remember and never forget, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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