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The ACTS prayer model

My Blessed ZMMBC Church Family,

I hope and pray my email finds you well and getting better day by day.

It was so wonderful to see so many of you on Wednesday evening as we have embarked on a journey to strengthen our relationship with God and each other through prayer.

I believe this study will open eyes, calm hearts, and strengthen faith.

We are just beginning and will come together again Wednesday after next to start in earnest.

If you did not make it, that is okay.

Clear your calendar going forward as we seek to help each other change our lives, individually and collectively, for the better by building our relationship with God through prayer.

This study is not a want. For all, it should be a need.

On Wednesday, Trustee Sister Leslie Gaynor asked about a prayer model I had referenced in the past.

I could not recall in the moment but God brought it back to a time of prayer.

The model is ACTS.

A is for Adoration, showing the utmost love and respect for God.

C is for Confession, seeking relief from the burdens of sin, shortcomings and misgivings in our lives knowing that God desires to and will forgive us if we ask with a heart bent towards repentance, a recognition we need to change and are willing to do so.

T is for Thanksgiving, offering appreciation for all that God has done, is doing and will do for us.

Finally, S is for Supplication, asking God to meet us at our point of need and trusting that He will provide.

The order is on purpose. Before we ask of God to do anything else, we should thank God for what He has already done, is doing and will do.

Before we thank our gracious God, we should humble ourselves before Him because we are unworthy while still being blessed and are in need for Him to cleanse us of unrighteousness, those things that make us less like Him and more like the world.

And, before we unburden ourselves to Him, we must recognize Him as being the one, true and only God, also our benevolent Heavenly Father, who has lovingly adopted us into His eternal family through the blessed Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior, as guided by the Holy Spirit, our promised and ever present Comforter.

Beloved, Wednesday evening was a good start for what I believe will be a great journey.

You come and you bring someone with you.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev, Cain

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