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Happy Palm Sunday - He’s Coming Back

Beloved Zion Memorial Church Family,

I was up early this morning and literally saw the breaking of a new day. It made me think of Jesus on Palm Sunday as well as our upcoming Resurrection Sunday and the day when He will return forevermore. It reminded me that regardless of the storms in life that we may see and how dark the night may be, He is always coming for us.

These pictures, step by step, show light coming out of darkness.

I pray that as you live your daily lives that may seem repetitive, humdrum, and, sometimes, without clarity or direction, and, other times, filled with calamity or despair, I pray that you will know that He, the light in the midst of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, health, wealth, and/or relational darkness, is helping you to your breakthrough bit by bit and day by day until the day comes when you can see Him in all of His brilliance forevermore.

On this day that we celebrate as Palm Sunday, He triumphantly entered Jerusalem. Know that in accepting Him as your Lord and Savior, He has triumphantly entered your heart. As He has saved your immortal soul, let Him lovingly bring you into the marvelous light that comes from knowing Him and receiving Him in every aspect of your life.

And, let the light of Jesus shine through you for the whole world to see how you will dare to live victoriously in spite of your situation and condition because you are waiting to see Him when He comes again forevermore.

We cannot see Him now but one day we will.

Happy Palm Sunday! He Is Coming Back!

God loves and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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