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Being A Blessing And Being Blessed

Beloved Zion Memorial Church Family,

Whew! What a week we had last week. From Sunday to Sunday, we were together with worship service, Vacation Bible School, the annual Church Cookout, and worship service to begin a new week. And, I enjoyed every single moment of it. I truly believe that for those who came and gathered with us, we were blessed. And, for most of us who participated in some way, part of our blessing came in being a blessing.

Many of us know the oft used phrase, "We are blessed to be a blessing." When we say it, we may think that the sole purpose of us being blessed is so that we can bless someone else; but, I pray we will understand the continuity of the relationship of blessing.

You are blessed by God to be a blessing; but, when you bless someone else, you are also putting yourself in position to continue to be blessed by God.

In some cases, you may not get your blessing until you bless someone else.

And, do understand, the true blessings of God are God giving us everything that we need. Please do not look past your needs to your wants and think that if you do not get what you want, you have not been blessed.

God knows what you need. God knows what you want. God knows what will satisfy His will for your life.

In terms of getting the blessing that is dependent on you deciding to be a blessing, we have a story, an encounter in Acts 28:8-10, "It so happened that the father of Publius lay sick in bed with fever and dysentery. Paul visited him and cured him by praying and putting his hands on him. After this happened, the rest of the people on the island who had diseases also came and were cured. They bestowed many honors on us, and when we were about to sail, they put on board all the provisions we needed."

Beloved, did you read what I read? Paul blessed the father of Publius as well as the people and, in time, the people blessed Paul and the other disciples with all that they needed. Now, it may look like it was people helping people but in reality it was God working through people to bless people.

We sing in the Gospel hymn, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", "Great is thy faithfulness. Great is thy faithfulness. Morning by morning, new mercies I see. All I have needed, thy hand hath provided. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me."

I hope and pray that you are experiencing the presence of God in your life in such a way that you know that God is faithful unto you and is consistently meeting your needs. And, your greatest way of saying, "Thank you" to God is by being a blessing to someone else. In doing so, God will continue to open the floodgates of Heaven and continue to pour out more blessings, everything that you need, into your life.

All you need, God has provided, is providing, and will continue to provide.

So, let us all strive to be a blessing.

I am so looking forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.

Some may be traveling for the holiday. I pray you will have journey mercy.

This Sunday is fifth Sunday. So, it is a CAYA (Come As You Are) Sunday. You do not have to dress up. Just show up. I trust and believe that God will meet us at our gathering place with a word and a blessing for all who press their way.

You come and bring someone with you. Let them know that God wants to dress them up in His love and they do not have to worry too much about dressing themselves up for Him. Again, I look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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