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As your pastor who is concerned more about your spiritual well-being than anything else in your life, your immortal soul, and your final destination, I am going to encourage you to stay connected to your church family.

We just finished a powerful time of prayer with Noonday Prayer led by the Prayer Ministry. If you can connect and are not, know that we are still praying for you. How wonderful it would be if you would make the effort to connect with us. I can promise you that a time of connected prayer will only enrich your life and you will not be the poorer in any way for doing so.

We have a faithful part of our church family as well as those from other churches who are connecting. As at the Lord's t

able, there is room for all. There is room for you.

Connect, give God words of praise, lay some of your burdens down. Trust me. You will be better for doing so.

We will be connecting again next Wednesday at Noon. Don't miss out.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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