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Online Giving

Church Family,

Good morning on this blessed last Sunday in 2020. God has been incredibly faithful to and over us throughout all we have gone through and I want to thank you for your faithful giving back to God with tithes, offerings and donations.

God has blessed you. You have blessed God. And, for your faithful obedience, God continues to bless you.

I wanted to make you aware that our online giving is always available for you to use and many have made that their primary means for supporting the church financially.

Thank you and bless you for helping move the church forward by embracing the latest technology.

With that stated, our technology has had a glitch with some Apple products. It appears the latest upgrade may keep some from being able to utilize online giving. We have a team of people working on this issue.

So, if you give online and have hit a snag, like I have, you can still give online but may need to do so from a non-Apple product. Do understand that it is likely not anything that you are doing wrong.

If you are not having any issues, please continue to give as you have been giving.

We will get this issue resolved and will be wiser and smarter for having done so. Praise God!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon for the last Sunday of 2020 worship service.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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