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NC Attorney General Josh Stein worshiping with us tomorrow


Through the efforts of Brother Kerry Peay, NC Attorney General Josh Stein should be worshiping with us tomorrow morning.  He may have a few words to share during the time of our pastoral comments.  

As you know, I have not and do not endorse political candidates on behalf of Zion Memorial.  We all should be thoughtful and prayerful in deciding who we, as Christians and as individual citizens of the United States, believe merits our vote.  But, I do believe in helping us to be knowledgeable and aware of candidate's platforms and positions.  Therefore, as we have welcomed others in the past to briefly speak to us, we will welcome NC Attorney General Josh Stein tomorrow morning.

Now, something may come up such that he may not be able to be with us; but, we do anticipate him coming at this time.

Let us be prayerful that God will bless us all as we prepare for worship service tomorrow.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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