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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My Beloved, Wonderful, Amazing, Remarkable, Incredible Zion Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Family,

My greatest hope and desire for all is that you will have a day of joy, peace, and happiness in whatever way that God allows you to do so with family and friends in ways that will keep you connected, safe, and healthy. Appeal to God's wisdom in the decisions you make and God will never lead you astray.

I am so thankful for all of you and this day that we have of rejoicing. We have almost made it to the end of 2020 and God has blessed us immensely throughout this challenging time.

Zion Memorial is going to come out of COVID-19 stronger and better. So, thank You God for this period of COVID-19. We rejoice in knowing that it was not our covering, our keeping, our protection and our provision that has held us in this storm.

No, recognizing the sovereign God, (Y)ahweh, creator of all and giver of eternal life, it has been (Y)our covering, (Y)our keeping, (Y)our protection, and (Y)our provision that has brought, is bringing, and will bring us through. And, for that, dear God, we thank You!

As I asked earlier in the week, let us stay connected as a church family. Some will not be able to gather with others during this time. So, as you think of one of your brothers or sisters in Christ, let the thought be a call to action and act by making a call. Call someone within the church family today, let them know that you are thinking about them, praying for them, and hoping that they will have a Happy Thanksgiving. It could be your call that makes it possible for them to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

If you are wondering who to call, look at the church directory and try calling the name above and after yours. It could be the best part of your whole day.

Be that blessing! Bless them! And, bless God! In turn, trust me on this, you too will be blessed!

On this 2020 Thanksgiving, redeem the time for the glory of God! Do not dwell on the bad! Rejoice in the good that God has poured into your life! If you are reading this or having someone else read it to you, declare that you are blessed and thank God for God's blessings in and over your life.

And, remember, God really really really loves you and I really really really love you too!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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