Be Strong...In The Lord

Beloved, We are at the middle of the second month of this year, still living in the midst of a global pandemic that has disrupted our lives in historic fashion. It is easy to dwell on the sickness and death that is all around us. It is easy to dwell on the economic challenges that continue to plague us. It is easy to dwell on the lack of physical connection and presence that separates us. That is easy to do with what the world has made available to us. BUT, when you gave yourself to God through Jesus Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit, you ceased to simply be an earthling defined by being born on the planet Earth. You became an otherling, one who is in this world but not of this world because you believe in the world to come...that is, if you believe in the world to come. Such belief is only possible if you also have a belief in the God who has created all, the God who desires to save all, and the God who desires to bring all back to God. To believe like that takes something inside of you that you are not born with. To believe like that, you need salvation. You see, this world constantly reminds us of our flaws, our failings and our weaknesses because, left to our own devices, we are all flawed, we all fail, and we are all weak. Come on out of your closet. It is not just you who is flawed, who fails, and who is weak. When we take off our masks and deal with our real, we are all in the same boat. When confronted with our flawed, failing, weak selves on a daily basis, it is no wonder that some of us fall into doubt, despair, and depression. How could you not if all you have to depend on is flawed, failing, and weak you? You would need something or someone who is greater than you to keep you from depending on you. But, when we look to other people, please let me remind you, we find various versions of who we are as well. We find others who are also flawed, failing, and weak. So, if we cannot find it among other people, who and where can we turn? Glad you asked. Have you ever thought about turning to God? And, I mean not when all else fails. I mean each and everyday, each and everyway. Do you think about turning to God? You see, when you turn to God, you turn to the one who created life, desires for you to have life, and desires for you to have it abundantly in your health, your wealth, and your relationships. When you are doubtful, God will give you faith. When you are desperate, God will give you peace. When you are depressed, God will give you joy. WHEN YOU ARE WEAK, GOD WILL GIVE YOU STRENGTH. Beloved, the Apostle Paul made it plain in Ephesians 6:10, "Finally (when all else fails and you realize you have nowhere else to turn), be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his power." Beloved, the Apostle Paul put no emphasis on your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual strength. He knew that we are all limited by design and the only true source of strength and power that we have is what God gives us. You get tired on that you can be strong in the Lord. You get confused on that you can be strong in the Lord. You get worried on that you can be strong in the Lord. You get unsettled on that you can be strong in the Lord. You find that you are not, cannot, and will not make it on your that you can be strong in the Lord. Are you strong in the Lord? Do you feel God's strength surging inside of you? By the presence of the Holy Ghost, can you feel power, of God's creation, not your own, inside of you? Child of God, you can. Child of God, you should. Child of God, you will...if you will be strong in the Lord. Stop running. Rest. Stop seeking. Find. Stop stumbling. Stand. In God, everything that you need, God will provide, provide for you to be the Lord. Beloved, we will connect today for Noonday Prayer to encourage you to be strong in the Lord. Beloved, we will have our sermon broadcast at 3pm on The Light to encourage you to be strong in the Lord. Beloved, we will NOT have HOPE Wednesday this evening but you should feel freedom to revisit the previous lessons on the church's Facebook website to encourage you to be strong in the Lord. Beloved, as a living, growing, and moving Body of Christ, Zion Memorial is intentional in trying to help you to be strong in the Lord. Be strong in the Lord. And, remember, God loves you and I love you too! Be blessed, Rev. Cain

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