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Do You Have Another?

We are experiencing novelty on many fronts. In our health, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is still without a solution although we know how to counteract the spread with masking and social distancing. In our wealth, the stock market is knocking at the door of all-time highs while unemployment is still quite high and stimulus to help some make it day to day is still needed. In our relationships, we have advanced to having our second African-American female (Charlotta Bass was the first on the Progressive Party ticket in 1952.) vice presidential candidate in the United States in Kamala Harris and the celebratory moment will be swept up in divisive racial, ethnic, and gender rhetoric.

All these things are new...except to God.

Many will reach out to commentators, talking heads, and media influencers to give them a sense of understanding and direction in the midst of it all. We do that when we have problems. We look for explainers, sympathizers and empathizers with our causes.

But, in our looking, do we look right past the one who has the answers that we need, although may not always want, to hear? Do we look to the one who is making all things new although He is not new for He has always been, always is, and always will be? Do we look to God?

Beloved, you are never going to run out of problems. And, God is never going to run out of solutions. That is part of the reason why whenever you bring me one problem, I ask that you bring me at least two solutions. It shows me that you are a next-level thinker.

We are all on the same level when it comes to seeing problems. The next-level thinker thinks about solutions. And, the really next-level thinker goes to the source of all of our resources, God, who pours out wisdom liberally onto those who ask Him (James 1:5).

We need some answers in this world right now. Will you turn to God? Or, do you have another?

John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ, and his followers were having a big problem. John was in prison and would eventually die; but, he needed to know if all of his work had been in vain or if he had found who and what he was looking for in Jesus.

Matthew 11:2-3 shares, "When John heard in prison what the Messiah was doing, he sent word by his disciples and said to him, 'Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?'"

Beloved, if you are reading this email, you have likely already given your life to God through Jesus Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit; but, do you live your life as if you truly believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord? As I have instigated and insisted amongst many of you, "Keep It Real."

Your religious-based, Pavlovian reaction might be to respond, "Yes", without any hesitation or any next-level thinking. But, in your mind, your heart and your spirit, do you live out your life with faith in God or do you have another who you turn to?

I ask because Jesus responded to John in Matthew 11:4-5, "Go and tell John what you hear and see; the blind receive their sight (Has God helped you to see your way to a better day?), the lame walk (Has God lifted you up from a fallen state that many thought impossible?), the lepers are cleaned (Has God restored you to fellowship with people in places that previously would have rejected you?), the deaf hear (Has God opened up minds, hearts and spirits in your presence so that bridges have been built where gulfs and valleys had previously divided?), the dead are raised (Has God brought you out of your valley of the shadow of death where many had given up on you?), and the poor have good news brought to them (Has God enriched you in your health, wealth, and relationships where you know it could have only been God?)."

Beloved, in the statements that Jesus made in His time and the questions raised in our time about our Jesus, has God through Jesus Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit done anything in your life to prove to you that He is real and relevant all the time and that there is no other? Or, do you have another?

For, Jesus continued in the sixth verse, "And blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me."

Beloved, your blessings are found in your faith. Genesis 15:6 and Romans 4:3 tell us that Abraham's faith was reckoned unto him as righteousness. He had to believe in God and God alone. He could have no other for him to be considered righteous and to expect blessings from God.

As Christians, we have to believe in Jesus and Jesus alone if we are to be considered righteous and expect blessings from God.

And, beloved, know this. God can not only meet but far surpass your expectations...if you will believe in Him and not another. Look at the evidence that you have in your life, count and call your blessings out and do not dismiss it as luck or chance. Please see every blessing as an overt act of God, seek Him and Him alone, and do not pursue another.

Your blessings will only come when you choose Him and Him alone.

Beloved, we will be gathering today for Noonday prayer as we faithfully seek our God and prove to Him that He is our choice and we do not have another.

We will also be connecting this evening at 6:30pm for our final Summer Mini Lesson to discuss "Church Growth According To God". Read and respond to your materials so that we can have a fruitful and joyous time in the word of God. And, for those who have the time, we will have a sermon broadcast at 3pm on The Light radio station.

God is blessing us in this season. Let us be a blessing unto Him and others.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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