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Absentee Voting Ballots

I remind and ask that when you come, please adhere to the masking and social distancing requirements that have been given. The church leaders have worked diligently to prepare a safe and healthy worship experience and we do not want anything to happen that might cause us to have to backtrack on the progress God has allowed for Zion to achieve in this season of COVID-19. Make it easy on all of us to protect all of us.

Because of this season, voting is becoming a hot topic in terms of in-person or mail-in.

As we had discussed previously on a church conference call (which occur on Mondays at 1pm), I want you to be knowledgeable and aware so that you can make the right decision...according to you and God in terms of how you vote and who you vote for.

As your pastor, I will never tell you who to vote for; BUT, I will absolutely tell you to vote. The decision is yours.

In terms of voting opportunities, you can vote in-person on the election day or participate in early voting when that information is made available. If you are uncomfortable coming in person in either ways, you can vote by mail with an absentee ballot.

I have attached an information sheet as well as a ballot request form.

Below is additional contact information to help you make the best decision.

Mail or Hand-deliver requests to:

Forsyth County Board of Elections Forsyth County Government Center 201 N. Chestnut Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101-4120

Forms returned by any other person will not be processed.

Forms can now be faxed and emailed for the November 2020 election. Fax: (336) 727-2893 Email:

Please call (336) 703-2800 or email if you have questions about the absentee request process.

I hope and pray this information is beneficial for you. Your vote matters. So, please vote.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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