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Is God In All You Do?

The scripture tells us that our trials and tribulations come to make us stronger which would naturally seem to imply that there is some level of overt or covert weakness in us that God is trying to reveal so that it can be dealt with in a way that He will get the praise, the honor and the glory.

For, the strength that God is desiring to impart to you is not for you to be stronger apart from God. NO! God is wanting you to be stronger by depending on Him more and more in the name of Jesus as guided by the Holy Spirit.

So, if God desires to make you stronger and, to do so, you must go through trials and tribulations, are you getting stronger by making sure that God is in all you do?

You see, beloved, doing something for God apart from God is actually you doing something for you and using God as the excuse. As scripture also counsels, if you do your alms, your good works, before people and are praised by people, then you should expect nothing from God. If a pat on the back, a flattering Facebook post, or a text or email with a cool emoji shout out is all it takes to make you happy, then you will likely never truly experience the glorious joy of the Lord.

But, if you are going to live your "in between times" in a way that you expect something "big" to happen, you should make sure that God is truly in the midst of all you do.

Psalm 127:1 puts it this way, "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord guards the city, the guard keeps watch in vain."

Basically, only what you do for God, not what you do for you in the name of God, really matters.

And, by doing what God would have you to do, making sure God is in all you do, your labor will never be in vain. And, while you may aspire to build a house, do not be surprised if God, because you are truly seeking to glorify Him, makes it into something more spectacular than you would have ever imagined.

And, while you may desire to hold onto something you deem to be valuable and dear, do not be surprised if God, because you are truly seeking to glorify Him, reveals that you have found treasure worth fortifying to create value that no one would have ever dreamed possible.

If you want your best health, best wealth, and best relationships, you have got to put the best in it. The best is God.

What I am getting at is that nothing is impossible with God; so, why do you settle for the little, the diminutive, the insignificant things in life by only inviting God in after YOU have decided what YOU are going to do and then do so by adding a prayer on it like you would put garnish on a plated meal and then expect for God to bless it?

Instead, beloved, I encourage you to keep God in all you do at the beginning, in the middle, and all the way through to the end.

If He will never leave you or forsake you (though we often run from Him), if He makes no mistakes (though we often find ourselves on the wrong side of our decisions), if He never fails (though we often have to clean up what we have messed up), then why not keep God in all you do for His praise, for His honor, and for His glory.

For, according to scripture, you and I were created for His pleasure and not our own.

So, keep God in all you do.

We will be reaching out to God together at Noonday prayer. I hope you will connect as we seek to keep God in all we do.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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