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Church Conference Call De-Briefing

Church Family,

Yesterday was a wonderful day of connection for the Zion Memorial church family. At our scheduled 1pm church conference call, we had a spirited and moving conversation regarding what has been happening in our nation, state and city regarding the protests associated with the slaying of George Floyd. Our elders recounted the challenges of the Civil Rights Movement and others shared opinions and perspectives on what is happening. We all agreed that prayer, seeking the wisdom and counsel of God, is needed by all coupled with action that will lead to positive progress. The church has a key role in the way forward as the church had a key role in the Civil Rights Movement. God has not failed us; but, we do need to ask ourselves, individually and collectively, if we have failed God. Connections like this are encouraging and I encourage you to stay connected.

We followed the call up with our pre-announced church conference call at 6:30pm last night regarding our reopening procedures. We had good attendance although not all participated. I encourage you to reach out to others to follow up on what was discussed if you had a lack of clarity with the information that was mailed to you.

I am also available to speak with you if you have questions others may not be able to respond to adequately.

We covered the material in the PowerPoint presentation and had a thorough discussion about how we will proceed with worship beginning this upcoming Sunday. We are getting prepared to move forward in a healthy, safe, responsible, and, prayerfully, wise fashion. One key point of emphasis is to be prayerful and use your common sense. If you are not well enough to come gather with us, please do not press yourself. Also, if you are uncomfortable in coming, please do not press yourself. With that stated, if you are comfortable enough to be out and about in your non-Sunday morning time, I think you should be very prayerful about being uncomfortable with gathering with your church family. We are taking a very sensible and holistic approach to having a safe worship environment, likely more so than any of the other places you may attempt to frequent. So, if you can come, safely, I encourage you to do so.

When you come, we will have an organized process for entry, worship, and exit. Please follow and listen to your leaders during that time.

Worship service will begin at 11am. To make the environment safe and accommodative for all, please arrive and be seated before 11am to avoid disruption. We will be livestreaming starting at 11am and are striving for a decent and orderly service as we have been able to conduct in the past.

Again, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me and the other church leaders. I am here for you as well as the other leaders within the church family.

I look forward to seeing as many of you who can and will come comfortably to worship service with us on Sunday.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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