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Farewell Celebration For Tremair

Church Family,

Our beloved Treimar, Charlene Alexander’s grandson, will be returning to Baltimore to be with his family there.

We want to send him off in style and let him know he will be missed. Please join us on THIS SATURDAY, MAY 16 at 2:00 in the church parking lot to say, not good bye, but "See you later."

His grandmother, Charlene, will be bringing cupcakes and water to help celebrate.

At this time, we will be lifting Tremair up in prayer for God’s blessings over him and his family.

If you can come by, even if you choose to stay in your vehicle, wave, and briefly speak encouraging words to Tremair, we know it will be greatly appreciated.

Let us send him off feeling the love of Zion Memorial.

We will practice social distancing and are asking that you follow the guidelines the State has set for us including wearing your facemask.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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