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Update on recent church events

Church Family,

I want to update you on a couple of church events that have occurred and will be upcoming.

Yesterday was a great day for Zion Memorial. 75th Church Anniversary Chairperson Shaketa Rorie and I had the opportunity to speak on the church's behalf on The Light radio station with Anita "Boss Lady" Dean-Arnette. Those who listened in gave encouraging words that things went well and I believe the church should be pleased.

In that vein, I want to encourage the church family to come out with great support of the Anniversary Choir concert tomorrow evening at the church beginning at 6pm. The Youth Choir of many years ago will be singing as well as our own Youth Choir in addition to a couple of soloists and a liturgical dancer. It should be a promising time of singing God's praises. I pray that you will come and bring someone with you. This event is unique to Zion Memorial and should be well-supported.

Finally, an incident occurred at the church last evening. Trustee Chair Carol Perry had her car stolen from the church parking lot as many of us who attended HOPE Wednesday learned during our time of prayer. I want to provide some details that were not available to us at that time.

First, Trustee Perry was able to retrieve her vehicle last night. So, the prayers prayed on her behalf were truly answered by God.

Trustee Perry shared with me that she had mistakenly left her car unlocked and had a spare pair of keys inside. Her car was not broken into and it was not damaged. This does not minimize the need for all to remain cautious in how you handle yourself in the neighborhood. BUT, you should always handle yourselves cautiously in any neighborhood or environment.

Please make sure that wherever you are, including at Zion Memorial, do not leave your car doors unlocked. Do bring your keys into your home, building or wherever you go, including Zion Memorial.

This unfortunate event could have occurred anywhere. Please increase your ability to be safe by thinking about your safety all the time wherever you go.

I share this information with you because I do not want you to think of Zion Memorial as an unreasonably unsafe environment. It has well understood issues because of the surrounding neighborhood; but, if we are mindful and wise, I do believe we can help to keep ourselves and others safe.

In that regard, the church hosted a safety meeting led by Councilperson Annette Scippio on Tuesday evening with two law enforcement officers leading the discussion. Safety is a priority in the community and at the church.

For Zion Memorial specifically, we are working with the Safety Committee, the trustees, and the deacons to come up with actionable plans to increase our ability to make our church building and property a more safe and secure place.

I encourage you to do your part by making sure you follow simple safety techniques. Crime knows no boundaries. Let us help to make ourselves as safe as we can wherever we go.

So, I hope and pray that I will see most, if not all, of you tomorrow evening as we kick off a celebratory time of our 75th Church Anniversary. You come and bring someone with you.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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