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Always Look To God


What a wonderful Wednesday we have before us! Although we do not have HOPE Wednesday this evening, we do have a day full of hope. God, our Heavenly Father, is ever present, ever available, ever powerful, and ever loving. Our present, available, powerful and loving God watches over us always.

If we know that God is always watching us, why do we sometimes, often if we are really honest, look away from God?

When we have big decisions to make, why do we seek out a multitude of counselors, some Christian and some not, but fail to take everything to God in prayer?

Why do we frequently find ourselves on our knees praying for God to fix what is broken because we did not find ourselves on our knees before something or someone was broken?

Why do we look away from God?

Have you ever noticed how small children will look at their parents or caregivers when they are about to do something that they may not be sure is quite right? Almost devilishly (I know. I know. Your child and grandchild is a little angel. NOT!), they move closer to what they are not supposed to do and wait to see if or when you will intervene to stop them.

They know they are not supposed to grab the piece of candy you told them not to grab fifty thousand times and here they go again trying to grab that piece of candy, sometimes steadily looking at you while they are doing it. Oh how tempting is the sweet treat and how they need confirmation from you to keep them on the straight and narrow.

We all have our temptations, our sweet treats, that we know are not good for us; but, that does not stop us from desiring them.

What are we to do?

Like the small children who look to their parents or caregivers for confirmation in the midst of them attempting to do their wrong, we need to look to God. We need to always look to God.

Eternally, as Christians, Jesus is our example.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus had a decision to make. He was struggling with whether or not to go to the cross to offer Himself as the perfect, eternal, atoning sacrifice or to go another way. And, He was looking to His Father, God.

And, with great discipline, He looked to God in prayer and said in Luke 22:42, "nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."

Beloved, we often know right from wrong. The correct and best decision that will please God is rarely a hidden mystery. But, like the small child seeking their own sweet treat, trying to get their own way, greatly desiring to ignore what their parents and caregivers desire, we are God's children who have to decide whether we are going to seek our own will, desire, and pleasure OR will we seek to please God.

And, when we do not want to please God, if we are really honest, we try our best to look away from the ever present, ever available, ever powerful, and ever loving God.

Can anyone be honest? Is this not what we sometimes do? I can visualize some heads nodding up and down in agreement.

Beloved, again, following the model of Jesus, if we want the best, we have got to seek the best and then, when we find the best, do the best.

And, the best is always to seek to do the will of God.

Therefore, no matter what comes our way, we should always look to God.

Why? Because God is ever present, ever available, ever powerful, and ever loving. And, God created you for His pleasure and therefore God knows best.

Think about the last thing that you did that went horribly wrong that you had to ask forgiveness for. Be honest, would it have happened if you had purposed to please God and not yourself?

Jesus' obedience changed the world. He looked to God.

Your obedience will change your part of the world that God has given you stewardship over. Look to God. Always look to God.

And, know that God will bless your humble faith and trust in Him. Always look to God.

Beloved, we will be back together next Wednesday for HOPE Wednesday. I will miss you this evening and look forward to seeing you next week. You purpose to come and bring someone with you. Do not ask yourself about it. Ask God and do what would please God.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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