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Zion Memorial Keeps On Growing - Bailey Benson Is Here!!!


This evening, God graced the world with Bailey Grace Benson, first-born daughter of our own Quinton and Jillian Benson, first-born granddaughter of Reverend Dr. Nikita and Valerie Bailey, first-born great granddaughter of Deacon Harvey and Geraldine Rorie, first-born niece of Janna Bailey, first-born grand niece of myself and First Lady Cynthia Cain, and, and, and the first-born baby at Zion Memorial since I have been pastor.

Zion Memorial is a growing church and Bailey proves it.

As we celebrate this wonderful time in the lives of the family, including the church family, please keep all lifted up in prayer and may the village prepare to help raise another daughter of Zion.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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