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Keep Hope Alive!


I have a couple of things that I am celebrating today. First, I am celebrating my 26 years of marriage to my wonderful wife and I am hoping for more years with her. Second, I am celebrating my second year of being pastor of the incredible, dynamic, growing church called Zion Memorial Missionary Baptist Church and I am hoping for more years with Zion. And, third, most importantly, I am celebrating my life in Christ that makes all of this possible and I am hoping for things to continue to get better and better in Him.

I am celebrating and I am hopeful.

I pray that you have your list of things that you too are celebrating and being hopeful in Christ for.

Nothing is too big. Nothing is too small. God cares about our everything.

And, in His care for us, He watches over us in a way that our hope should not diminish but should increase day by day.

Hebrews 10:23 tells us,

"Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful."

The writer of Hebrews is telling us to keep hope alive. Our hope should be a living hope because we serve a living God.

Now, in serving a living God, I distinguish that from our serving a living person. A living person is mortal without a defined beginning and end. Not so with God.

God is eternal. God has no beginning. God has no ending. He is the alpha and the omega because He was there before there was a there and He will be there after what is has passed away.

But, if just eternal without the capacity to do anything but promise without assurance of fulfillment, God would just be a living God.

He is more than that.

When He promises, He is faithful. God can do anything but fail.

If God promises, God is faithful and will do what He says.

Therefore, our hope in Him is not wasted. It is wonderful as He brings what He has promised to pass.

So, beloved, as you go through your list of things to celebrate. Also, go through your list of things to hope for. And, take that list to God. For, if it is in His will, it will come to pass.

Keep Hope Alive!

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too!

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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