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Bluestone Trip

Church family,

I pray my note finds you well, feeling the presence of God, experiencing His blessings and anticipating greater revelation in your life.

I am excited about seeing you tomorrow for worship service.

I am also excited about the opportunity we have been given to worship with Bluestone Missionary Baptist Church in Pelham, NC for the pastoral anniversary of Reverend Dr. Roy Dennis, Jr. on Sunday, August 5, at their 10:30am worship service.

I know that some may be getting in that last summer vacation before going back to the regular work or school routine; but, if you can travel with us, it would greatly please me for you to do so.

I love our church family and, as I enjoy traveling with my own family, I look forward to Zion traveling with me when I go out for support. It is not just my opportunity to go out. It is one for the entire church.

As such, we need to know who is available and willing to travel as a church family on August 5th.

Given the brief distance, about an hour away, we are asking for members, who may not be able to or desire to drive themselves, to carpool if possible and we may take one or both church vans.

There is a signup sheet on the table outside of the sanctuary and we have had some members sign up. I am asking for you to prayerfully consider coming and, if so moved, sign up.

Being first Sunday, Bluestone will provide communion. Also, lunch will be provided.

And, our choir will sing.

We need to let Bluestone know how many people are coming so that they can adequately prepare for us.

I am sending this note because I know some have been away and wanted to give you every opportunity to be with us in what I am trusting will be a high time in the Lord.

If you can make it, sign up and let us pray for the service.

If you cannot make it, pray for the service as well as for our journey mercy.

Within Zion, there is always something that all of us can do.

Again, I am excited to see you tomorrow.

And, remember, God loves you and I love you too.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

P.S. We are scheduled to baptize two young men tomorrow morning and extend the right hand of fellowship to four individuals who have completed new member orientation. Come early for baptism. Be there for worship service. And bring someone with you. Zion Memorial is a growing church.

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