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You Are Amazing!!!

Beloved, you are amazing! Yes. You. You are amazing!

How do I know?

It is because you have spent time with the Son of the Most High God, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah promised, delivered, sacrificed, resurrected, and ascended. And, your time with Him has changed your life forever.

The humdrum, mundane, repetitive nature of everyday life can sometimes crowd out the truth about Jesus and the truth about you; but, know that you are amazing.

What do I mean?

Acts 4:11-13 reveals an account of when Peter and John were brought before a council of the religious leaders because of how they had healed a lame man and were proclaiming Jesus as the reason why. They faced opposition and stood on the truth. They found freedom in the truth; but, they also were able to free others of wrong thinking and notions because of the truth.

The scripture says,

"'This Jesus is 'the stone that was rejected by you, the builders; it has become the cornerstone.' There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among mortals by which we must be saved.' Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and realized they were uneducated and ordinary men, they were amazed and recognized them as companions of Jesus."

See. I told you. You are amazing.

If you confess the same truth about Jesus before those who may think otherwise, then you are just like Peter and John, ordinary people sharing an extraordinary truth.

The world goes on and on seeking progress while, in many cases, scoring points of elevation that might harm many along the way. That progress, when not recognized as part of God's revelation, draws people away from rather than closer to God, away from rather than closer to the truth, away from rather than closer to Jesus.

The only progress that really matters is that which focuses on the eternal, not the temporal.

Jesus focused on the eternal and so do His followers.

Focusing on the eternal should have you praying, feeling, thinking, saying and doing those things that might cause you to be accused of doing something incredible, being a friend of Jesus.

It is often said, you can know a person by the company they keep.

Peter and John were not ashamed to let it be known that they had been in the company of Jesus. It was not simply a source of pride. It was the source of all the power they had.

It is the same for us. Our association with Jesus does not weaken us. It strengthens us, even in the midst of us sometimes being thought of as less than or even ordinary.

His power revealed through us does something unique because He is still the way, the truth and the life. And, no one can still get to the Father except by Him.

Your faith walk is an example and a road map to the extraordinary truth. And, for that reason, you are amazing.

There I typed it again, "You are amazing!"

Why? Because you know the truth and you are free and you know how others can be free too. That makes you amazing.

Beloved, tonight, we, the amazing, will gather for Bible Study to continue to study about the coming of the one who has made us amazing.

It is a blessing and a rare thing for such a crowd of amazing people to be gathered in the same place at the same time.

Come experience the blessing. Come and share in the rare occurrence. Be in the number.

And, invite or bring someone else who needs to be around some amazing people like you.

You are too amazing to keep it all to yourself.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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