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Blessed and Busy Weekend

Church Family,

Zion Memorial is going to blessed and busy this weekend.

On Saturday morning at 9am, we will have an Evangelism seminar with Rev. Estella Feaster of North East Baptist Church. A light breakfast will be served. If you can, you should be there and invite somebody.

On Saturday afternoon at 1pm for visitation and 2pm for funeral services, we will celebrate the homegoing service for Mother/Sister Geraldine Cunningham. If you can, you should be there.

On Sunday morning, we will have Sunday School at 9:30am and worship service at 11am where Rev. Feaster will bless us with the word. If you can be there, you should be there and invite somebody.

God is giving us a wonderful weekend. Busy? Yes. Blessed? Absolutely.

Come and be with us.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain

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