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God Has Done God's Part. Are You Doing Your Part?

Beloved, We have begun a new month in 2021 and God is continuing to reveal God's grace, mercy and love toward us. Many can think of and recount all of the wrong in the world. Truth is found in that; but, that truth is not a freeing truth. It is simply a reminder and recitation of the fact that we live in a sinful world. So, let us be clear. We live in a sinful world. Feel victorious in declaring that? Feel bold in shouting that? Feel courageous in proclaiming that? I would imagine not. So, in this sinful world, what are we supposed to do - not as God's creation but as God's children? We can run after worldly things and try to change the world by our own actions. Many have tried and many have failed. We can ignore what is going on and act as if we are not a part of what is happening around us. That will work until worldly trouble shows up on your doorstep. We can live it up until we die because we are going to die anyway. And, after you wake up from your drunken night or high, you will likely feel lower than how you tried to live it up. These things are tried by God's creation but what about God's children? As God's children, God's sons and daughters saved by grace, we are supposed to be in the world but not of the world so that we can have a witness different from the world, this sinful world. Beloved, basically, if God did God's part through Jesus Christ, what are you supposed to do? The Apostle Paul addressed this issue in Ephesians 2:8-10, "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God - not the result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life." Beloved, if you are saved, you are saved by grace according to your faith in God through Jesus Christ as guided by the Holy Spirit. For that, you should say, "Thank you God." You should say, "Thank you God" because you did not save yourself. Nothing that you have ever done in your life merits you receiving salvation; BUT, God gave you salvation anyway. So, in the church, none is greater and none is lesser. We are all only saved by grace. So, quit lifting people up on pedestals if you feel unworthy. And, quit looking down on people because you misguidingly think that you are somehow closer to God. We are all in this together. God made each and every one of us, none greater and none lesser. So, stop power tripping and stop getting tripped up by those who abuse what they perceive as their power. None is greater and none is lesser. So, now that you know what to stop doing, what should you start doing? You should start doing your part. What is your part? You are supposed to be doing good works. Now, in scripture, Jesus said that none was good but God. So, when you seek to do good works, you do not make it up as you go along. No. You should seek to do the work that God has given you to do. And, as the Apostle Paul clearly states, God has work, good work, for you to do. Are you doing good works? Are you representing God in what you think, say and do? Are you doing your part? How often have you turned to God to ask what is your part in God's plan versus you asking for God to make your plans God's plans? You have a mighty ministry inside of you. You do not need to do something for God that is outside of what God wants you to do for God. God has prepared the way. You just need to follow the plan and purpose that God has for your life. How will you know if you are doing your part? Even when it gets difficult, because we still live in this sinful world, you will find peace and joy that is not limited to or by your situation and circumstances. You will find that you are most pleased when you are knowingly pleasing God...not yourself. So, are you doing your part? If not, God stands ever ready to help you. We will be doing our part at Noonday Prayer. Join us if you can. We will be doing our part listening to the sermonic message at 3pm on The Light radio or internet broadcast. Join us if you can. We will be doing our part at HOPE Wednesday this evening at 6:30pm. Join us if you can. Beloved, God is equipping us in so many ways to do our part for God. Make yourself available to God and get ready to be amazed by what God has already planned for you to do. And, remember, God loves you and I love you too! Be blessed, Rev. Cain


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