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Protocol for Sunday

I am excited about our upcoming weekend with the drive by walk through on Saturday and worship opportunity on Sunday. I want to thank all who have worked diligently in getting us ready to open up. as I have stated previously and I want to reinforce today, this is an opportunity and not an obligation. We are not tempting God and trying our faith. We are trusting God to safely come and gather as we, individually and collectively, are being guided by the Holy Spirit.

As a reminder, if you are uncomfortable with coming right now, that is fine. Continue to connect with us as best you can. All options for connection previously available will continue to be practiced. Also, if you have been recently ill or are currently ill, out of concern for you and respect for others, please do not come until you know that you are truly well. In addition, if you knowingly have been exposed to someone who may be susceptible to

COVID19 and you have not been tested or think you may possibly have contracted the virus and need to get tested, please get tested before you come.

We want all to come to worship service expecting to be blessed for doing so and leaving believing they have been blessed in coming and will depart safe and healthy.

We have used the education, experience and exposure of various knowledgeable leaders within the church family as well as considering the comments and critiques of others to put together a sound plan for reopening. If all cooperate as asked, I think we should be fine and we will continue to pray for God's covering.

In preparation for Sunday's service, we will need for you to follow the protocol that we have established:

  1. Try to be at church and seated between 10:45-10:50.

  2. We will check temperatures upon your arrival and you will be given a bulletin as well as an offering envelope if you need one.

  3. Leave your tithes, offerings, and donations at the designated space BEFORE YOU ARE SEATED. (You may also leave your tithes, offerings and donations at the church on Saturday and we do encourage you to continue with the online giving option.)

  4. Come to church masked. Extra masks will be available but we do not have an unlimited supply.

  5. Be socially distant throughout your time at the church building.

  6. Follow the direction of the ushers in terms of seating. We will have socially distant, overflow seating in the fellowship hall.

  7. Follow the direction of the ushers at dismissal so that we can preserve our social distancing and then go to your car and leave.

Please do be mindful of these instructions that will allow us to have a worship service conducted decently and in order without disruption.

A day will come when we can worship together more freely. That day is not today. Until that day comes, we will work towards worshiping as safely as we can.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday and Sunday.

Be blessed,

Rev. Cain


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